Building a Safer Florida

The Orange County Division of Building Safety will be hosting a Green Building Forum on May 26, 2010.

Attendees will be able to register their preferences for green building initiatives and programs being considered by Orange County.

Florida’s contractors, architects, engineers, and trades professionals share a common goal of building a better Florida through use of hurricane-related mitigation techniques and energy-efficiency standards.

Construction professionals can meet these challenges thanks to a grant from the Florida Department of Community Affairs, Building a Safer Florida, Inc. and its affiliated organizations. Most importantly, meeting these challenges has never been so easy…and it’s all FREE.

Building A Better Florida is providing building professionals with the tools they need to meet these challenges:

  • Online video seminar covering the significant changes to the Florida Building Code.  
  • A 12-stop “Building A Better Florida” Road Show offering free CEU training on building code/mitigation requirements, energy code compliance requirements, and most recent information on building codes and insurance discounts from the 2010 Legislative Session. (Mid-May through Mid-June.)  
  • Exhibits of storm-protection products and resources in the “Hurricane Alley” section of the 2010 Southeast Building Conference/Green Building Show in Orlando .  
  • A “Building A Better Florida” day on Saturday, July 24 at the 2010 Southeast Building Conference/Green Building Show in Orlando. 

For planning purposes, the 12-stop “Building A Better Florida” Road Show will take place in 12 different cities between mid-May and mid-June. Check back soon for the complete schedule and locations and registration information.